Why cryptocurrencies are so popular in online casinos

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and many more are certainly not a short-term, incidental trend, but rather a way of benefiting from secure features when making payments on the Internet. There are now a number of different cryptocurrencies. Regardless of which one is used, they all offer essentially the same benefits.

In recent years, online casinos have also increasingly responded to innovative payment options, which is why more and more gambling portals are offering their customers the option of making deposits using crypto currencies and receiving payouts in them. Some providers go a step further and promote the use of a crypto payment with a real money casino bonus without a deposit. But how exactly the many advantages of cryptocurrencies in online casinos look like, let’s look in detail.

5 good reasons that speak for cryptocurrencies in online casinos

Why you should prefer crypto currencies for payments in the online casino, we can answer not just one, but five reasons. Look for yourself!

1 Users enjoy complete anonymity and security

Privacy and data protection are two incredibly important aspects these days, which are given a lot of attention, especially in the global network. Many are unsure of giving their personal contact information and account details at a new online casino, which is why they want to leave a platform quickly if there are no more secure payment options. Bitcoin and Ethereum casinos that offer payments via crypto currency can collect a plus point here.

2 The wait for the money is over

Everyone probably knows it – with a payout directly to a credit card account, the next bills may already be covered, but it takes a while until you can actually record the incoming money. And we don’t even want to talk about classic banking transactions; Turnaround times of up to five days can be really depressing when you want to get your money back quickly. But not only withdrawals can take some time, even when making deposits in the online casino by bank transfer, the money is usually not immediately available. Playing straight away is therefore a nuisance.

3 Save yourself extra costs for transactions

Especially with credit card payments or bank transfers, there are often additional fees that must be paid by the user when he selects the payment method. This is usually the case with withdrawals. Since cryptocurrencies are decentralized, there are no fees for transactions. Decentralization means that no banks or financial institutions – or third parties – are involved in the transaction. It does not require confirmation from a middleman for the transaction to proceed. Everything happens automatically and free of charge. Should you ever come across a casino that charges fees for crypto payments, simply speak to the operator. In these cases, the fees are charged by the casino.

4 Not only is your data safe, but your money too

Security is really important to crypto currencies, because it occurs in many areas with great strength. As we have already clarified, personal data remains anonymous and users are therefore safe. But your money is also more than well kept. Cryptocurrencies can be stored as assets in different so-called wallets. These can be accessed via computer or mobile devices. These wallets are protected by digital keys and access by third parties is virtually impossible.

5 Exclusive Bonuses for Cryptocurrency Users

Whether Litecoin, Ripple or Bitcoin, they are represented in large numbers and have long been an indispensable part of online casinos. The use of cryptocurrencies can even pay off really well in online casinos, because some operators promote the use by advertising with exclusive bonuses. In plain language, this means that you can receive additional credit or free spins when a deposit is made using a certain crypto currency.

Conclusion: Investing in crypto currencies is worthwhile

So far, have you had your doubts about cryptocurrencies? There is no reason for that. On the contrary, you should now be aware that payments via cryptocurrency offer you a lot of advantages.

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