What are Slingo Games?

Ever remembering crossing out a row of numbers to get a bingo? Ever played a popular slot machine game to get a row of items matches up to win a jackpot? These two have some things in common; matching up a row makes the player a winner! And that’s exactly how one wins in a game of Slingo. The combination of two very well-loved games, bingo and slots, creates a third well-loved game, Slingo. If someone has enjoyed a game of bingo or a slot machine game, they are sure to love Slingo games. Given how popular these two games are, there’s no doubt that the Slingo is well worth it as the thrill of matching up reels and checking off numbers in a grid are both presents.

How Slingo is played:

Slingo is played on a grid that looks like a 5 × 5 ball bingo game of 75 balls. Right under this grid is a 5 reeled slot machine with only one space on each reel. This is quite different from a regular slot machine. The numbers on the grid need to be matched with the reel by spinning the reel to get the numbers from the grid. To win, these matched up numbers must complete off a line or a coverall off the grid, just like in bingo.

Possible time limit and number of spins:

In each game, there is a maximum number of spins one can use when trying to complete the grid within the time limit. Some games use a time limit to limit the number of spins, while some give a limited number of spins. Games with a time limit instead allow the player to use unlimited spins until the time is up. This gives one a real edge when trying to complete a line of numbers. Initially, it may seem like getting a finite number of spins is better, but more spins increase the chances of winning. That’s why going for a game with a time limit is better.

Know your Slingo symbols:

A Slingo game has different symbols in it that could give the player an edge, namely the joker, the super joker, the devil and the coin. This is what they do:

  • The Joker: The joker is great and marks off any number in the column. This greatly improves the player’s chances of winning.
  • The Super Joker: Super jokers are fantastic and mark off of any number off the grid. This significantly increases the player’s chances of winning.
  • The Devil: Watch out for this one! The devil blocks off numbers and ruins the player’s chances of winning.
  • The Coin: The jokers are a great edge for any player. But once they see a coin symbol, they must forget everything and go for the coin! Getting the coin guarantees an instant cash prize for the player.

Free Slingo spins:

Some online casinos even offer free Slingo spins to players! And just for registering, no deposit needed. Isn’t it amazing!

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