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Poker Room and Your Winning Bet


Gambling has fascinated humanity for centuries, regardless of gender, race or social status. Themes to play can be different, the vision of easy profit, passion or just fun, which (mostly) costs something. Undoubtedly, however, gambling is very remarkable.

On these pages you will find detailed rules of famous and lesser-known gambling games, complete overviews of possible bets, evaluation of their profitability, illustrations of gaming tables and placing bets, recommendations for increasing the chances of winning, resp. to reduce unnecessary losses, and for fun even the  famous betting systems.

The Right Recommendations

The recommendations, i.e. the distinction between advantageous and disadvantageous bandarqq bets, are based on knowledge of actual, mathematically calculated betting ratios. It was the gamblers who gave rise to the mathematical and statistical discipline with probability theory. The players naturally wondered what their chances were to win. As early as 1654, one of the most famous probabilistic problems in the history of gambling arose.

In particular, the Queen of Gambling Roulette, the most famous dice game Craps, the excellent poker card game Poker and its two classic forms Poker Draw (with card exchange) and  Five Card Stud are richly processed . The latter gave rise to its more popular variant, Seven Card Stud, from which the most popular Texas Hold’em Poker, which plays poker tournaments around the world, is based for a change. You may also be interested in the more demanding poker games of Omaha and especially Omaha Hi-Lo.

If, like poker, if you don’t like to rely solely on chance and like dice, be sure to check out the exciting Backgammon dice game where you can use your strategic skills.

Casino advantage in gambling

Almost all games of chance give the casino a certain advantage (house advantage or house edge). One of the few exceptions is the card game Black Jack, where in certain cases the player can turn the advantage to his advantage (this way of playing is called perfect Black Jack).


Probability theory is very important for determining the actual betting ratios, because the advantage of the casino for each individual bet stems from the difference between the actual, i.e. mathematically calculated, betting ratio and the winning ratio paid by the casino see more calculation of actual betting ratios and casino benefits.

An example is the Queen of Gambling Roulette, which contains (in the French version for clarification) a total of 37 numbers (18 red, 18 black and green zero). If you bet on one number, the probability that you guess it is 1/37. In other words, there are 36 ways to lose, after which the casino will pay you only 35 times the deposit if you win, which guarantees it an advantage (long-term profit, share) of 2.7% (note: for straight bets, the casino’s profit is only half 1.35%) Universally, we can determine the profit of a casino based on the expected value .

Is it possible to win over the casino?

You might say that the 2.7% is not so bad and maybe you are right. Of course, the casino has to live on something and it depends on each player what is acceptable for him. However, a number of games of chance offer a wide range of bets, from relatively advantageous to extremely disadvantageous.


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