How to Spot a Bogus Roulette Site

If you love roulette and online gambling, take heed: there are a lot of sites out there that look like the real thing, but in fact, they’re not. They’ll play out like any other casino site with their games and security, but everything about them will be wrong at some point.

Many roulette players are eager to get their hands on special deals or promotions, particularly if free spins are involved. It can be easy to get excited by a flashy offer of freebies and discounts that may seem too good to be true. As it turns out, this is often the case.

In many cases, these offers come from casino sites that are not secure and may even be a scam. If you aren’t familiar with how this works, here is a quick rundown of warning signs to look for when it comes to online roulette sites.

Check the site’s URL.

The first thing to check is the casino website’s address. If it isn’t a long string of numbers and letters, then you should avoid clicking on any links that lead there as those are often paid advertisements instead of real URLs where real customers can play.

Be cautious of scrolling ads.

Another trick that casinos use to get players is the “scrolling ad” trick, where a pop-up advert or banner appears at the bottom of your browser window while you are browsing other websites. These adverts make it seem like they offer new lines for cheap roulette games or otherwise lead to a good deal.

What often happens with these pop-ups is that they will redirect you to other sites without warning, making it difficult for players who are not careful to spot the difference between real and false games before it’s too late!

Be wary of fake customer support.

Some casinos may claim to offer a first-class support team with agents on hand 24/7 who can resolve any issues, answer questions and guide players through the games. However, these promises are often empty as responsible casinos with real customer service teams will offer links to contact them directly through email or telephone numbers rather than simply directing you to a contact form or “submit a request” button.

Check the SSL certificate.

While many online roulette roulette websites also offer blackjack and other games, some sites exist solely as scams that divert players to shady online casinos where their money is lost forever. To tell if you are on a real site or not, check the web address and look carefully at the SSL certificate.

If the certificate has an image of a padlock that shows that it is secure, you are on a real site, but if there is no image or just an “s” in the address bar then chances are very high that you are being redirected to a false website. If this happens, look for the “back” or “refresh” button in your web browser and try again.

Be cautious when playing for free.

Some scammers may offer you free roulette spins to entice you into joining the game, but if they do not require you to deposit any money, then this is likely a sign that they are trying to get you to sign up for a fake game that will take your money.

If the casino’s terms and conditions are not clear, don’t trust them.

Finally, when reading over the terms and conditions of any casino website, it’s best to avoid sites where anything is unclear or suspiciously vague. If they claim to offer a first-class service and then go on to give themselves the right to change the website at any time, this is often a sign of a scam as responsible online casinos will usually promise to keep their content stable and available for players without any changes.

If you follow these tips and avoid all of the warning signs of scam roulette sites, you will be able to play the game safely and securely every time with real cash payouts. Happy playing!

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