How to play Blackjack in online casinos

One of the most popular and widely played games in casinos across the world is blackjack. In this game, a player’s hand can beat the dealer’s hand if they hit 21 before the dealer hits 17. The dealer is the player’s competition in a blackjack game; there is no player-vs-player aspect. 

When looking to play online blackjack at the sites that allow foreign players to wager, gamers from Italy have a variety of options to choose from, including casinos with licenses from other countries. 

One of the most played casino games is blackjack, but despite this and its reputation as a great way to pass the time, many individuals are still unsure on how to play the game. To play blackjack in online casinos, adhere to these guidelines.

Sign up for the tournament

Finding and joining a table is the first step in playing blackjack. When you join a table, you buy-in by making a deposit of a certain amount that complies with the minimum and maximum amounts the casino has set. If you are taking part in a tournament, you might have to wait up to a minute or more before the game starts because there is a waiting period for all the required participants to sign up (single table tournaments have 9 or 10 players). After everyone has joined the game and put their bets, they will each be dealt two cards, facing up. The dealer also receives a card with a face up and a face down.

Select your strategy

Now that you’ve received your cards, you can decide whether to hit or stand. You request another card from the dealer after a hit. Whether you are eligible to request more cards depends on how much value your present cards have. If you are certain that your hand won’t bust by getting a total value of 21, you can choose to hit. You can also choose to hit if you want to try your luck. When you choose to stand, you give up your opportunity to draw cards and ask the dealer to deal to the next player instead, forfeiting your turn.

Check the value of your hand

The value of your hand will now depend on whether you decide to strike or remain standing. The players are now shown the cards, and their combined value is calculated. If the total worth of your cards surpasses 21, you lose. You will remain in the game if your value is exactly 21 or less.

Compare your cards to those of the dealer

After the dealer’s cards are revealed, you will be able to determine whether you won or lost. If the dealer busts, you win if your hand totals more points than the dealer’s. However, the dealer wins if both hands are closest to 21 among all other players at the table.

Receive your payment

If you win at the end of the game, you will be compensated according to the type of wager you made. It does not matter whether you won or lost, you now have the choice to stay and keep on playing, or leave and play other games. 


Blackjack is a really straightforward game to play because you may win by simply following the basic rules. Discover your ideal playing style by mastering the necessary tactics.


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