5 Ways to Beat Gambling Addictions

Gambling Addictions

Gambling activities are fun and fulfilling for players. You can make real money by playing cool gambling games. However, there is a wrong side to gambling that every gambler should know about before dipping into the waters. Gambling can be addictive according to the sources we’ve found here. Many gamblers struggle with how to keep their gambling activities under control. In extreme cases, it can lead to destructive behaviours such as spending beyond what you can afford to lose and making dumb decisions to fund your addiction.

It is similar to drug addiction; you keep finding ways to find drugs even when you are left with nothing. Gambling addictions can cause you to lose relationships and reduce your productivity levels in other areas. Every year, the world loses hundreds of billions of dollars to gambling addiction.

Measuring gambling addictions by funds gambled is fruitless. The size of pockets varies among players. The best way to spot a gambling addiction is to monitor behaviours. Does the player have control over how often they play? Are they in control of what they spend on the gambling platform? Other signs include spending savings and feeling restless when you get separated from the game.

Luckily, gambling addictions are not without solutions. Here are five ways to defeat gambling addictions.

  1. Accept you have a problem.

The biggest threat to battling gambling addictions is your denial of the problem. As long as you do not recognize it is a problem, you cannot beat it. There are many players currently with gambling addictions who are refusing to act it for what it is. Only about 3% of gambling addicts seek any form of help. You do not have to wait before the gambling addiction degenerates before you speak help. Admitting you have a problem is the first step towards recovery.

  1. Join A Support Group

There are thousands of support groups online you can join to help your drive defeat your gambling addictions. You can locate a support group close your locality you can join for physical meetings. There, you will meet a community of people trying to solve their gambling addiction problems. There is no judgement here, as everyone has the same problem. One example of such a support group is Gambler’s Anonymous (GA). There are also support groups for families or friends of gamblers with gambling addictions to help you know how to help.

  1. Seek Professional Help

Visit a trusted therapist to help you solve your gambling addiction problem. The kind of therapy you will be introduced to is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). This method involves the collaboration of the addict and therapist to change the addict’s behaviour intentionally.  It helps the gambler to develop coping and cognitive skills to deal with problematic gambling. One of the most common exercises involved in the therapy is going on an extended break from gambling.

  1. Medication

Some medications can help correct the urge to gamble. Like drug addicts, people with gambling addictions have dopamine problems. Drugs like antidepressants, nalmefene, lithium and others can help correct the imbalance. However, only take drugs prescribed by the doctor, never attempt to self-medicate.

  1. Set Limits

Creating regulatory mechanisms to monitor your gambling activities will help you defeat your gambling addictions. Setting a time limit and money limit for gambling is a good approach to start. Get someone you will account to regularly about your finances and your gambling limits compliance.


Everyone must gamble responsibly. If you struggle with controlling your gambling activities, you have an addiction, and you need to correct it. You can get help through support groups, therapists, professional help, etc.

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