3 Golden Rules to Win at Freerolls

3 Golden Rules to Win at Freerolls

A freeroll is an online poker tournament that beginners and those with small budgets play. Its an opportunity to win real money without investing anything. In this post we’re going to offer three golden rules you must abide by to enjoy freerolls and hopefully win money too.

1] Have a Cheat Sheet Nearby

Most people playing freerolls are winging it. They’re either playing to pass time or don’t know much about Texas Hold’em. To have the upper hand, we recommend you download a poker cheat sheet to have near you when you play. A cheat sheet will have the fundamentals of poker clearly communicated to you. They will usually detail the hand rankings, basic odds, the hands you should play and from what position.

2] Set Aside Enough Time

You’d be shocked at how many people register for a freeroll but realise they don’t have the time. Freerolls are like any poker tournaments – they take time. So, if you have plans in the next few hours don’t waste time by entering a freeroll. You should expect a freeroll to last at least 3 hours on most poker sites. Despite the blinds going up fast freerolls tend to attract loads of players so they still take a long time to complete.  Don’t be surprised to see some people sitting out because they had to leave or forgot it was on

3] Stay Patient

Like any poker tournament online, survival is key. You need to be patient to win any kind of poker tournament. Expect to see loads of all ins and players moving chips with reckless abandon. This is great for you as it means there is dead money all around you. However, you need to resist the urge to commit your stack lightly with sub-par hands. Instead, stay patient and you will get rewarded. You can’t win a tournament in the opening hour but you can certainly lose it. Tournaments are a marathon, not a sprint.

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