What are Megaway slots and the evolution of Megaway slots?

In this article, we will discuss what Megaway slots and their evolution from their start is. Also, we will talk about the mechanics that are used by this Megaway slot.

What are Megaway slots?

These are the new slot system or game in the market which have a three and a five-reel system. They usually have a 1 to 40 pay line system in which anyone can win. They have also made several kinds of changes to their slot games from the past. They have made a new kind of 1024 ways of winning chances in their slots.

Megaway slot has taken it up by very much, and it goes up to 117,649 possibilities of winning. The Megaway slot trademark was first made by the Big Time Gaming Company. Also, Blueprint Gaming was the company that had helped Big Time Gaming to make Megaway slots. They were the first-ever companies to create and launch the Megaway slots in the market.

The pay lines and also the winning possibilities are different and vary from each other. These games are highly volatile and also if you have skills you can win a big amount of money. You can activate a 5000 or even the 117,649 ways of winning by playing the slots.

The Megaway slots are becoming more and more popular and famous in the market. This has become commonplace for the player to come and test their skills on winning. Slot online Pragmatic88 is not exactly a Megaway slot game but is highly volatile, just like them.

What is the evolution of Megaway slots?

Microgaming was the first-ever company to make these online casinos and the future of gambling online. They had also started the trend of giving out gifts to the people who land on adjacent symbols. The position of the symbols does not matter. The alignment of the symbols should be perfect.

They were researching and trying out new kinds of game modes for the market. This is the time when Microgaming was able to make the first-ever 243 ways to win slot game. They had made games like Thunderstruck II and Immortal Romance in this format.

Then this changed the reels system from 3 reels to 5 reels and also the rules to win some prizes. This means that you will get a free win when you align some symbols in the correct order. It does not matter that all the symbols should be in the same incorrect order.

The design of the game was changing, and it had reached a peak of 720 ways of winning. The gaming studios then realized that if they bring more winning ways, then it will be beneficial for them. People still love to play the original Microgaming 243 ways of winning the game.

What is the mechanics used by Megaway?

A Megaway slot has reels that can shift and also change their shape anytime they want to. This will alter the amount of winning possibilities, and you can unlock any one of them.However, the highest winning possibility in the slot games was the jackpot which is the rarest.

The player who gets a jackpot can make up to 4 or 5 times the amount they have a bet. The reels also changed from 3 to 4, then five and then finally came the seven reel system. The volatility offered by Megaway mechanic is stunning and is also unique.

You can make up to 5 ties or maybe even six times the amount you have made a bet for. If you play on the three reels system, you can do the 243 ways of winning, and on five reels, you can get the 34,300 ways of winning.

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