Casino Tokens and Chips

Casino chips or tokens are one of the important tools in the gambling industry. Without them, it is difficult for the dealer to keep track of the bets of a player in the gambling table. 

Nowadays, despite the popularity of online casino games in TBSBet, the chips are still a symbol of the betting industry. In this guide, we will explain the different types of chips and their values.

Brief History

Gambling has been existing since ancient times and there were casinos since 1638. However, the invention of casino chips in gambling was still new. 

The first iteration of casino chips are the jettons which are tokens being used in Ombre and Quadrille card games. The purpose of these small objects is to represent a value and the colors determine the players of the game. 

In the 1800s, while poker was still spreading in the United States, miners in Mississippi utilized nuggets of gold as bets in the game of poker. The use of gold created heated brawls that sometimes turned violent. 

As a prevention, casino owners standardized the use of chips to represent a value in bets. Today, chips are being used as a placeholder for the value of bets in table gambling games. 

Types Based on Quality

You can determine the type of casino chips or tokens based on the quality of how it is made. 


Low-quality chips are also the most affordable types of chips and usually have no real value. They are mostly made up of pure plastic and you will find them anywhere at a low cost.

These types of chips are usually being used in a casual game of poker in ไทย สล็อต 88 at home. Serious gamblers often avoid them because they are not worth being part of a collection.


Premium chips are often a marketing ploy and are being advertised as a true clay chip. However, the truth is that they often used only a small amount of clay on these products. 

These chips are also mass-produced in countries like China and use cheaper materials that are much more expensive than pure plastic. These chips also often have a glossy texture that collectors do not like.


Casino-Grade chips are often high quality in nature and often have better textures than the other types of chips. The quality of these chips are so good that they are referred to as collectibles.

Types Based on Materiality

You can also determine the type of chip based on the materials being used in the production of this product. 


Pure plastic chips are not being used in casinos because the quality of these products are low and they hold no value at all. Despite being able to be easily printed with a casino logo, plastic chips are mostly being used in home games.


The true clay chips are often the most expensive form of casino tokens. Clay chips are being used in classic casinos and are high in quality. Clay chips could be fragile so a few casinos use them not often because it is hard to embed the logo of the gambling establishment.


Composite chips often use the combination of plastic and clay materials. These types of chips are very common in every casino. The surface and thickness of the products are smooth and thick enough to be able to support the design of the logo of the casino.

Colors and Equivalent Values

Casino chips are available in a variety of colors that each has its own value or denomination. However, there are only four colors of chips that are very common in most casinos.

White chips often have a value of $1, red chips have $5, green chips have $25, and black chips usually represent the $100 bet. 


Chips or tokens are one of the important elements in casino gambling. When you are playing in the casino, it is an essential skill to determine the different values and types of casino chips so that you can avoid embarrassing situations.

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